The Doc Tank, inc.

The Doc Tank is an international center for emerging and established media makers, headed by award-winning independent filmmaker Immy Humes. We create all kinds of enlightened creative media and also consult, teach, nurture, network, and collaborate. We specialize in documentary but also collaborate on other media, including music videos and animation.

we make

media in all shapes and sizes

The Doc Tank makes intelligent and engaging media that has social and artistic value. We love progressive values, humor, and a good story. 

We've covered topics from dogs to murder to unemployment, with the most respected collaborators, funders, and clients in the field (see logo fest on the right). 

If we believe in the content, we can communicate it in any format, style, or budget,

 from independent film to TV show segments, educational websites, and web videos for promotion and advocacy. 

We shoot in all formats, for our own projects and clients, including networks, independents, non-profits, websites, and foreign and out of town producers. We have a Final Cut Pro edit system for rent (with or without an editor). 

We are a fully-equipped NYC production company, founded in 1999 by Academy-Award nominated filmmaker Immy Humes and her then-partner Chichi Pierce.

Whatever you need, we can make -- or we'll steer you to someone who can. We can hook you up with the right people and the right places, including sound recordists, gaffers, production assistants, graphic artists, and animators.

we consult & mentor 

story, producing, grant writing, samples

Immy Humes is a distinguished filmmaker and teacher who also helps other filmmakers develop, write, and produce their projects and funding proposals. 

She has a long record of success writing grants and proposals for documentary films, and loves helping fellow filmmakers find the right language to convey what is most important about their work. 

Funders, notably the Individual Artists program of The New York State Council for the Arts, have often invited her to serve as a grants juror. She understands what makes a winning proposal, and may be able to identify additional funding sources for a particular project, crafting the approach that works best for funder and filmmaker.

The company provides a variety of services, tailored to the project. We work on a consulting or mentoring basis on all phases of production, including story, management and budget, pre-production, research, and writing, including fundraising proposals and foundation applications. 

We sometimes take private students or small groups who want to learn how to make a documentary with a a minimum of pain and a maximum of fun. 

We're in Brooklyn, NY. Please write!