Doc a new film by Immy Humes (95 min; 2008)
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George Plimpton, Norman Mailer, William Styron, Peter Matthiessen, Paul Auster, Timothy Leary, Alan Cheuse, Jonas Mekas, and other luminaries, friends and family all appear in the film.  

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Absorbing! Could have been subtitled Portrait of the Artist as a Madman… Doc emerges as a quintessential countercultural figure, embodying both the exuberance and the excesses of the times. More poignantly, Immy Humes finds redemption for the father who was often too preoccupied or too sick to tend to his family.” – Tom Beer, Time Out NY

“An engaging time capsule of ‘60s downtown subversive culture.” – Lisa Rosman, Flavorpill

The amazing adventures of H.L. "Doc" Humes, the man who put the culture in counterculture. With Lord Buckley, the Hip Messiah; paper houses for the poor; Don Peyote, a lost Beat take on Cervantes; the CIA, FBI, marijuana, massage, utopia—and paranoia.

In the 1950s and early '60s, Doc co-founded The Paris Review, wrote two acclaimed novels, and was a gregarious fixture of the cultural scene in Paris, London and New York. Doc was a 1950s NYC intellectual, a 60s free speech militant, and a 70s visionary crazy genius. His story is the story of decades of cultural history, a poignant personal long-strange-trip, and a fount of ever-relevant ideas.

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