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Wade Davis - A Charmed Life

Biography of Wade Davis, real life ‘Indiana Jones’ and Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society. 

High in the Peruvian Andes, in the sacred valley of the Inca, famed ethnobotanist Wade Davis takes part in an amazing annual event -- an incredibly difficult run, led by a man dressed as a woman. 

But first, he has to prepare gift bags of coca leaves for all the runners!

A one-hour program produced for National Geographic TV.

Mugshots JosephPaul Franklin

A racist serial killer, on death row.  Bank robberies, arsons, and numerous murders motivated with hatred for interracial marriages. 
(Court TV) 

The Killer's Mind - A&E Investigative Reports

Dr. Dorothy Lewis is a professor of psychiatry at Yale University and New York's Bellevue Hospital, known for her pioneering research on the cause of violence. Her theories about violence are based on human stories and brain research that focuses on head injuries, brain damage and child abuse. 

The program follows Dr. Lewis through the murder cases of Arthur Shawcross and Terrance Wainwright. 

The psychiatrist for the prosecution is Dr. Park Dietz, Dr. Lewis's archrival, who has provided testimony opposing Lewis's views in a number of trials.