A Little Vicious a tragicomedy about a "pit bull" on death row     
Something deliciously different.
                                                 - Anne S. Lewis, The Austin Chronicle

A perfect film for pit bull lovers and rescuers 

Bandit, an alleged pit bull from Stanford, Ct, was sentenced to death for biting. After a long legal battle, a Superior Court judge issued a 90-day stay of execution, to give an old dog one last chance to learn new tricks, under the tutelage of trainer/philosopher Vicki Hearne. A LITTLE VICIOUS tells the story of this reprieve, and its outcome. 

A LITTLE VICIOUS was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short in 1991. It played in several cities after opening at New York City’s Film Forum, and aired on P.O.V. (PBS) and overseas broadcasters including Channel 4 in England.  

The literary quality of this offbeat documentary pays rewarding attention to the little peculiarities of all involved - The New York Times

Elegantly crafted, wryly narrated by Kevin Bacon, and infused with a blend of humor and 
pathos, Immy Humes' dog-umentary is a quirky, off-beat gem of a film - P.O.V 

Superb...splendid little comedy that shows how racism and class prejudice affect out 
perceptions of something as seemingly uncomplicated as a dog. The New York Post

Immy Humes, Producer & Director
Jean de Segonzac, Cinematographer
                                              Doug Cheek, Editor